Speculations about Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date and Images

News   •   Feb 09, 2013 07:50 GMT

With the success of the Samsung S3, many people are already anticipating for the release of its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

For quite some time, there have been numerous speculations about the exact date of Samsung S4’s release including a suppose launch this spring. Although the release date is still unclear strong evidences and possible dates have been swirling around town and with that here are some of the anticipated release dates and why it is so: 

  • April 15. Rumours has it that April 15 might be the date of its release, wherein a Samsung Unpacked Event slated to be held on March 22 in US will finally unveil the Galaxy S4 and the supposed announcement of its release might be around April 15.
  • April 22. This date might be supposed release because of the date shown on the supposed image of Galaxy S4. When the official image of Galaxy S3 swirled around the press, it showed May 3 in its release which was really the date Galaxy S3 was officially released. So if the supposed image of Galaxy S4 will turn out to be true bearing the date April 22, then it could be the official release might be on that date.

In addition to the speculations of Galaxy S4’s release date, an image of the possible new Galaxy series has also been swirling around town. However, this image cannot be authenticated yet but appears to be more accurate compared to other photos that said that it will be the next Galaxy S phone. With the new image, comes also the correct model number of Galaxy S4 which is GT – I9500. The image appears to have almost the same structure as with Galaxy S3 only that it comes in with a thinner bezel with less round on its corners making it appear more of a square. The square button is also believed to have a larger one.

Information that has also been added to the hype is the news that Galaxy S4 also comes in with small version of AMOLED display panels that makes use of different layouts.  If this happens to be true, Galaxy S4 will have the most superb resolutions having a 440ppi pixel density.

These interesting news about Galaxy S4 is really enticing, right? However, as far as the date of release and possible image are concerned, anticipators will still have to wait until Samsung will finally unveil its release. Who knows, the above mentioned speculations might just come true.

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