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Steam Mobile-A Great Samsung Galaxy S3 App For PC Gamers Everywhere

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 18:37 BST

One piece of software that is used by millions of PC gamers is Steam. This excellent service not only helps to keep gaming fans in touch with one another but it also boasts a number of other features ranging from a store where titles can be purchased to excellent streaming facilities. A new mobile version of this software has been launched for the Samsung Galaxy S3 so we take a quick look and see how it differs from the desktop version.

Steam Mobile is a brand new Android app for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3. This software is developed by Valve and is likely to be a huge success with PC gaming fans using mobile devices like the Galaxy S3. A large number of the features sported by the PC version have found their way onto this mobile app and this will please users immensely as it means that they will no longer be restricted to sitting in front of a home PC and can perform tasks on the move. One of the big attractions of Steam Mobile is the comprehensive library of games that can be browsed and purchased using the S3. These games are not downloaded to the handset but they are queued and transferred to the home PC or laptop the next time that it is switched on. There are a couple of obvious features that are not present on this mobile version of the software. No streaming of PC games can be performed and there is also no allocation of dedicated gaming space but these aside nearly every other feature is available.

Steam Mobile for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a well designed piece of software that offer a neat interface featuring four main sections. The Community area is superb and gives users the opportunity to check out what their friends within the community are doing. This includes latest game achievements and titles that have been played. A chat option is also present so you can communicate with one another easily from within the app. Newsfeed is self explanatory and offers a host of games related new. This ranges from upcoming release to games in development and what you see on the phone is tailored to your own requirements based on preferences set in your account. As we discussed earlier their is also a very large catalogue of games available that can be browsed and purchased if required. You can search titles by genre or just use the handy search option if you know the exact title that you are looking for.

Steam Mobile for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the perfect app for PC gaming fans everywhere. The majority of features boasted by the desktop version are present and it is a great place to not only interact with friends but also to check out the newest games available.

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