Stop! Don’t Get That PAYG Phone Just Yet

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 07:00 BST

When it comes to having a mobile phone, the great deals can be had on pay-as-you-go (PAYG) SIM cards plan. There are also a lot of benefits that customers can get when they avail and compare PAYG SIM cards to other plans. The customers will realise that they are not required to lock in for 24 months. That is why the competition is high in the PAYG market, as mobile phone providers are constantly competing for customers. With that, it is best to learn how to compare PAYG SIM cards and the tariff plans that support it in order to have the most affordable deal you can avail. The pay-as-you-go tariffs make it a lot easier to control the amount you spend. For instance, once you have run out of credit, you will need to top up. And since they are not a credit product, there is no credit check required.

Getting a free SIM card couldn’t be easier; especially today when you compare PAYG SIM cards deals, you will find it not so costly after all. Some of the great rates are in fact provided with free minutes/texts when you top up by a certain phone load amount each month. The rule of thumb when you compare PAYG SIM cards is to spend £25 or more every month on PAYG. However, if you have decided that you don’t want to commit yourself to a contract, then looking for the best PAYG deal is not that laborious compared to other plans. The only effort you can exert is if you compare PAYG SIM cards offered by one provider and the other providers that promise customers to get the most affordable mobile phones and deals. In this way, you can prevent yourself from committing to a year-long contract that doesn’t fit your needs or too much for you every month. Compare PAYG SIM cards to help you save a lot of money.

Start to compare PAYG SIM cards by knowing the list of the main mobile phone networks. These networks will provide a range of different PAYG deals, with different text/call rates and other special offers. So, to compare PAYG SIM cards offered by whichever network you want will help you out from getting confused looking for the right deal. However, it may be difficult to compare PAYG SIM cards deals by each network. This is especially true if you don’t know what you want and need from a mobile phone. Hence, it is wise to first decide on what you really need. Then, decide on how much you want to spend every month, as you will need to top-up. Next, select a network before you compare PAYG SIM cards by reading some reviews online if the network is excellent at providing their services and products. It is also wise to shop around to gather relevant information about the network, mobile phone, and deals. This will help you compare PAYG SIM cards in a very detailed way and come up with a precise decision. Lastly, cut the cost as much as possible by using credit cards. It is because some networks offer handy cash back and you will more likely get more or less 5% cash back for the first three months of mobile phone usage.