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Strong Results for Bridgeston in Winter Tyre Tests

News   •   Oct 30, 2012 17:00 GMT

• Blizzak LM-80 is clear winner of ADAC SUV tyre test • Blizzak LM-32 wins highest AutoBild rating and tops ADAC/ÖAMTC/TCS snow ranking

Blizzak LM-80 is winner of ADAC/ÖAMTC/TCS winter SUV/CUV tyre tests
Also announced by ADAC on 27th Sept, Blizzak LM-80 is the clear winner of the new SUV/CUV winter tyre tests (size 215/65 R16 on a Volkswagen Tiguan). LM-80 receives top grades for fuel consumption and ice performance, with very good ratings for wet and snow braking. 

“Blizzak LM-80 winner and “very recommendable” (ADAC)

This triumph follows the LM-80’s n° 1 spot in ACE (Auto Club Europe) and GTÜ (German Association for Technical Inspection) winter tyre tests published in September 2012, confirming the Blizzak LM-80’s class-leading overall performance.

Blizzak LM-32 wins highest AutoBild rating
The competitive performance of Blizzak LM-32 on snow, wet and dry is confirmed in the new AutoBild winter tyre test results published on 5th October. Blizzak LM-32 is one of only 3 brands out of 42 to receive the highest rating of “very recommendable” for overall performance.

“Blizzak LM-32 shows excellent handling and short braking distances in all conditions with good aquaplaning performance, high durability and good comfort. Very recommendable.” (AutoBild 04/10/12)

Blizzak LM-32 tops ADAC/ÖAMTC/TCS snow ranking
The latest winter tyre tests by Europe’s leading automobile club (ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC) endorse Blizzak LM-32’s competitiveness, awarding the tyre the top rating for snow performance. In results published on 27th September 2012, ADAC awards the LM-32 (size 205/55 R16 fitted on a Skoda Octavia) the “recommendable” label in overall performance, beating 10 winter tyre rival brands also tested.

“Blizzak LM-32 snow results at ‘very recommendable’ level.” (ADAC)

Time to change over to winter tyres
These test results are published as the time for changing over to winter tyres approaches in Europe. Winter tyres are specially designed to provide more grip and safety in cold and frozen conditions. They use compound materials that remain soft and supple in colder temperatures and tread designs with sipes for added “edge effect” and grip on ice and snow.

Benefits in above-zero temperatures
But winter tyres are not only immeasurably more effective than summer tyres on frozen surfaces, they also provide better grip and safety in all winter conditions. In cold weather, summer tyre compounds start to harden whereas winter compounds are designed to perform in those conditions. On ice or snow covered roads, this difference in grip potential becomes even more striking. Bridgestone internal testings as well as some conducted by a third party1 show that on snow, the braking distance between a summer and winter tyre can be almost three times longer for a summer tyre!

This is why, Bridgestone, as a tyre manufacturer, strongly recommends changing to winter tyres not just when snow falls but already when cold weather strikes.

1 Test conducted by independent test center for Bridgestone. Track: compact snow, Speed: 35kmh to 5kmh, Tyres: 225/55 R16 95W Bridgestone premium (summer) and 225/55 R16 99H XL Bridgestone lamellen (winter), Vehicle: Audi A4 Berline. “Test World”, Ivalo, Finland, 04/2009.