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TeaJay the hottest thing?

News   •   Jan 06, 2012 16:47 GMT

TeaJay was founded by award-winning East Yorkshire-based businesswoman Selen Mostyn, who has let her imagination run riot and sourced the finest ingredients from around the world in order to create a truly unique range of loose leaf teas that will satisfy those who are bored of traditional teas.

Tea lovers can now sample the end result of months of research, planning and preparation as the teas are on sale at www.teajay.com. TeaJay is in discussion with a number of retail outlets that have already expressed an interest in stocking the range after being impressed by the quality of the products and the company’s fun, fresh brand image.

Inspired by Selen’s passion for quality tea, and her love of fun and quirky flavours, TeaJay has a blend to suit all palettes and match your every mood. There are ten different teas to choose from, including Penny Royal, a herbal mint tea that’s great for relieving congestion, which contains Indian Darjeeling black tea blended with peppermint, aniseed, ginger and cardamom; Corazon de Melon, a blend of milky Oolong green tea leaves (prized by the Chinese for their refreshing and energising properties), honey melon, guava pieces, barberries, tea flowers and sunflowers that works chilled and served over ice; and Day ‘n’ Night, a fresh, green Rooibos tea with a delicate lemony taste.

Selen explained: “We’ve given all the teas fun and funky names based on songs and pieces of music, in keeping with TeaJay’s young and fresh brand image. There really is a tea to suit all tastes, plus there are more ways to enjoy tea than you might imagine – many of our teas work well served over ice in the summer or in a variety of delicious cocktails. These days, tea parties tend to be much more fun and adventurous!”

 “We’ve sourced some fabulous ingredients from around the world, and experimented with an endless array of flavours and blends before settling on our final ten teas. As a tea lover, I’m thrilled with the end products. I think that they’ll appeal to the health conscious, who want an alternative to caffeine-laden drinks, but will also appeal to a younger generation of tea drinkers looking for new and exciting tastes. Research has shown that younger consumers are bored of traditional tea, and are much more likely to want to try new and exotic taste sensations, including green, white and Rooibos blends. Our aim is to make drinking tea fun and exciting again!”

Selen continued: “Our products come in loose leaf form because we believe that the age-old ritual of brewing your tea from leaves, rather than just sticking a tea bag in a cup, is an important part of enjoying a good cuppa. There’s something really soothing about it, and it means that customers can also see and smell all of the beautiful ingredients that make up their favourite blend. You only need one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup, so our tins of tea go a long way.

“I tend to drink different blends at different times of day, or according to my mood, but one of my personal favourites is Across the Milky Way – an extraordinary-tasting milky Oolong tea.”

  • TeaJay also sells a range of beautiful tea-making accessories, including a selection of luxury samovars and a kettle featuring SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS , which make fun and glamorous gifts for the tea lovers in your life. There are also filters, iced tea jugs, tea glasses, measuring spoons, teapots and everything else you could possibly need to make the perfect cuppa.
  • Prices for the refillable tins of tea featured on the website range from £9.60 to £14.50.


Caption details: Images of the TeaJay product range can be provided on request, along with photographs of Selen, TeaJay’s founder, enjoying a brew. Product samples can also be provided, and interviews with Selen can be arranged. Email: pr@teajay.com or call 0845-2698832

Notes to editors:

  • TeaJay was launched by award-winning Yorkshire-based businesswoman Selen Mostyn in January 2012 and has its headquarters at Goole, East Yorkshire.
  • TeaJay’s blends are made using the finest ingredients from around the world.
  • TeaJay is a play on the term DJ and all of the teas have been inspired by, and named after, songs or pieces of music, in keeping with the brand’s fresh, funky and fun image. Examples of the pieces of music that have given some of the teas their names include a Techno track called Club Bizarre by German-base DJ Brooklyn Bounce; a song called Wind of Change by New York-based singer/songwriter Lew Doty;  and a track called Across the Milky Way by the Scottish band The Pearlfishers.
  • For more information about TeaJay and its products, visit: www.teajay.com