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Teen charged £3,800 by Orange for data roaming

News   •   Jul 16, 2013 20:09 BST

A teen from Bristol, Casey Snook, has been charged £3,800 by Orange for data roaming. Casey was charged for data roaming when she posted updates to Facebook when she travelled to New York.

Orange claims that it sent Casey a text message telling her that she has gone over her data. It also claims that Casey clicked on “yes” allowing the phone (an iPhone judging from the photo) to continue use up data. The Snook family denies this.

Casey’s mother, Kat Snook, told the Metro, “I wouldn’t understand what a data cap was and I don’t think a lot of teenagers would.

“This is extortion of a 14-year-old. Orange is refusing to budge on the bill and the rates that are charged are ridiculous.”

She added, “I don’t understand why another message wasn’t sent after the one that said the bill had reached £320. Why wasn’t one sent at £500 or £1,000?

“Anyone could press a button to say they wanted to continue using data roaming.

“Casey was upset by this and I was in tears but we are just going to have to pay the bill.”

An Orange spokesperson said, “All customers have protections in place which limits their charges to £49 for a set amount of data.

“In this instance, the customer received numerous text alerts which updated her on the roaming costs for America. She actively opted out of our roaming data cap to continue to use data, effectively removing the in-built protection from large data roaming bills.”

Who do you think was at fault here? Was it Orange or was it Casey? Speak what’s on your mind through a comment.

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