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The Apple iPhone 4S & HTC One X Compared

News   •   Aug 13, 2012 09:47 BST

The HTC One X has only been available for a relatively short period of time, but it has already become a popular choice. It boasts some of the most up to date smartphone technology, and in this article I will compare some of its key features with those of the ever popular Apple iPhone 4S so you can decide which handset comes out on top.


Although there are many differences between these phones' technology, you will immediately notice a significant difference between the appearance and design of each handset. The HTC One X is very similar in appearance to a number of the manufacturer's other handsets like the Sensation XE. It has the rounded corners for comfort along with the usual capacitive Android shortcut keys under the screen. The iPhone 4S differs greatly in its appearance, sharing the same iconic design first seen on its predecessor, the iPhone 4. This has a more minimalistic appearance which contributes to its aesthetic appeal as does the metal and reinforced glass construction, giving it a look and feel the leaves no doubt about its build quality. Both handsets are available in black and white colour options which is important these days as many people view their mobile phone as a fashion accessory.


The screens on these phones are rather different. The most noticeable difference is that the screen on the HTC One X is much bigger at 4.7 inches compared to the 3.5 inch screen on the Apple phone. The HTC One X is the first phone from the manufacturer to utilise Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen technology which contributes to its display quality and brightness, and with an HD resolution of 720x 1280 it makes the ideal handset for multimedia use like watching HD movies and playing games. The iPhone 4S is well known for its retina display which gets its name due to the fact that the naked eye cannot distinguish between individual pixels, a result of a massive 640x 960 within its comparatively small screen creating an almost unrivalled 300ppi pixel density.


The processors of these phones are another feature where there is a significant difference. The HTC One X is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market thanks to its 1.5GHz quad-core processor and is one of only a small number of handsets to incorporate this technology. The iPhone 4S has a 1GHz dual-core processor which, although less powerful on paper, still provides excellent performance across all aspects of the handset’s spec list.


While the HTC One X has some much more advanced features on account of it being a much newer phone, the iPhone 4S remain popular, and is still the benchmark against which competing phones are compared. The iPhone 5 is due for release in September, and its sure to prove tough competition for the likes of the HTC One X.

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