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The Best Apps For London Transport On The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 05, 2012 19:27 BST

London can be a very tricky city to navigate at the best of times and it may prove even more hassle than normal at the moment with the city playing host to thousand of visitors who are attending the Olympic games. We look at some superb apps for the iPhone 4S that can help users to find their way around London.

Millions of commuters use the London Tube service as a way of travelling around the city on a daily basis. This rail network connects every borough and is usually the fastest way to travel around. The Tube Map application for the iPhone 4S is the perfect piece of software to help users get the most from this service. As its name suggests the app offers a full maps of the tube network including all stations, routes and zones. One of the most useful elements of this software is the Journey Planner which helps you get to your desired destination in either the quickest possible time or with the least number of station changes. A full timetable is included and the application is a great way of keeping up to date with any delays that may occur. An alternative way of finding your way around London is by using the red bus service/ The London Bus Checker application is similar to Tube Map by giving users full timetable information for all bus routes. In addition to this the app also makes use of the GPS feature on the phone to let you know where the nearest bus stop is to your current location.

A relatively new way of travelling around London is by using the bicycle hire services which are dotted around the city. The Barclay bike application for the iPhone 4S is the perfect partner for anybody wanting to use this service. The app is broken down into four main sections with the main part offering the facility to check where the various bike depots are located. The second element of this application gives users a full map which can help them to plan their journey in the quickest possible route or even the most scenic route. The third aspect is a timer which will remind you when you bicycle hire period has almost ended. The final facility that this software offers is the ability to bookmark depots and locations so that they are easier to find for future reference.

The iPhone 4S is the perfect accessory for anybody looking to find their way around London. Their are apps available for all major forms of transport and the three we have looked at are some of the most impressive and easiest to use.

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