The BlackBerry 9900: Breaking All the Rules for Stereotypical BBs

News   •   Jul 04, 2012 07:00 BST

The BlackBerry 9900 is handset that came of as quite a shock to the public. Sure, BlackBerry has been the royal brand when it comes to push e-mail and corporate handset circles, but they were never really known to lead the way. With this handset, it seems that RIM (Research in Motion), BlackBerry’s official developer, has tried crossing the boundaries and is aiming for a big shot in attaining mainstream success.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 has been the signal of the phone company that they are finally offering something technologically cutting-edge. Apart from the usual RIM features such as camera, web browsing and HTML emails, the BlackBerry 9900 has a 1.2GHz processor, a high speech and crystal clear vivid screen, the brand new Operating System 7, and a High-Definition video camera that renders gasps of awe. This marks the beginning of how BlackBerry, the silent player, is now biting into the real competition for smartphones.

Now, if you are wondering what the other amazing things that would make you want to own a BlackBerry 9900 instead of other models, be amazed to find out that it is the very first telecommunication device to make use of the near field communication chip,  a set of standards for smartphones  to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them close to each other. While others are still weighing on whether or not they would include this technology, RIM took the risk and was the first one to plunge in the pool.

Another thing that gives the BlackBerry 9900 the bragging rights to compete with the already crowded smartphone market is the fact that it only weight 130 grams! It is such a lightweight hand-held device that you can simply slip it in anywhere. It is feather-light just the way users want it to be. Added to that, this phone is also the slimmest BlackBerry phone ever! Sure, it still has a corporate touch, just like with all BlackBerry phones, but only better. As for its texture, it has a brushed gloss border that is a combination of glass and plastic just like its predecessors. Moving to its storage capacity, the BlackBerry 9900 has an internal memory of 8GB and with the free option of expanding it with up to 32GB of external memory.

Competition-wise, the BlackBerry 9900 has its own identity to make it big in the market bombarded with other competitive devices from other labels. This phone greets BlackBerry “Kudos!” for creating such ground-breaking device. However, as always, BlackBerry has always stayed within their niche. They have the trademark of always creating better devices compared to the ones they have released before. For BlackBerry, it was never their game to compete with other brands. In easier terms, BlackBerry is like a person who wants to fit in to the crowd by expressing itself, but it does not want to lose its personal touch so it would rather stay with its comfort zone as it experiments on its own. Good old BlackBerry proves that you are never in competition with anyone but yourself, and the BlackBerry 9900 is a proof that this brand is getting there, slowly but surely.