The Blackberry 9900 vs iPhone 4S

News   •   Mar 15, 2012 14:00 GMT

Although there are millions of people that love the design and workings of an iPhone 4S, Blackberry has many loyal fans and thanks to the user-friendly QWERTY keyboard, as well as a touch screen it’s suddenly become a phone that encompasses the best of both worlds. The new Blackberry 9900 is fast-becoming a real contender to the iPhone and has been affecting Apple’s sales of its flagship model.

Not only can you email, text and type more easily on a QWERTY keyboard but you can use the 2.8” touch screen to good effect for interactive duties and quicker movements when you’re on the move. The multimedia graphics are displayed on the 640 x 280 screen which although it is smaller than the iPhone 4S there has to be a compromise somewhere. Compared to the iPhone screen, which has super levels of pixels and retina display, which allows full HD viewing from 960 x 480 pixels, the screen quality is a league ahead.

However, that’s not the end of the story, as the iPhone 4S has a 1GHz processor, a dual core A5 chip and 512MB RAM but strangely the Blackberry works faster thanks to its 768MB RAM and 1.2GHz processor, showing that even if it only has a single core it’s backed up by a higher powered chip and memory to work in.

Another reason that the Blackberry trumps the iPhone 4S is that Apple’s units need to be purchased with the amount of memory in mind, either 8, 16 or 32GB, whereas the Blackberry 9900 has a microSD slot that can accept 32GB memory cards and 8GB internal memory. So, you could even buy a few memory cards for different uses, such as social or business uses which opens more doors in terms of versatility.

Both phones have an HSPA receiver which means that download speeds of 14.4MBps are available and both have Bluetooth but only the iPhone has WiFi connectivity. However, the Blackberry 9900 has the benefit of the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) which enables more secure mobile Internet browsing which is better for shopping and keeping your personal data to yourself! The new Blackberry Operating System 7 is lightning fast and very intuitive. With the touch screen capability you can indulge in the Liquid Graphics and swipe through screens and apps very quickly, as well as connect to the App World Store.

Obviously, with the iPhone you can connect to iTunes and buy apps from the iStore, and Apple’s smartphone has the benefit of the Notification Center, iReminder, iMessages, Twitter integration and photo editing applications but it also has Siri, the personal assistant built in which can be handy for on-the-fly functions.

As both phones have been out for a while now, the prices have plummeted which is fantastic for those looking for a bargain and want a cheap mobile phone contract. The Blackberry 9900 is an incredible phone that does very well to take on and beat (in some aspects) the iPhone 4S. In the end it comes down to taste but one thing is for sure that it’s getting more and more trickier to choose a smartphone these days.