The changing face of the business continuity professional

News   •   Jan 04, 2017 14:18 GMT

At the Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World Conference in September 2016, the Business Continuity Institute’s US Chapter and the US 20/20 Group had the opportunity and responsibility to organize and participate in the DRJ Advanced Track, specifically designed for the most seasoned attendees. The 20/20 Group's role in defining the agenda, securing the speakers and overseeing the DRJ Advanced Track underscores their role in providing leadership at the conference.

The session was largely focussed on the changing face of the professional in the business continuity industry. In the context of an ever-increasing focus on resilience and the engagement of multiple disciplines, what is the business continuity professional’s role? Do they take overall ownership for the response, recovery and resumption, coordinating the activities of others? Are they a facilitator, ensuring that the right people take the lead? Or are they simply a participant, bringing their business continuity skills with them, but taking their lead from someone else?

The discussion also looked at the top ten threats that featured in the BCI’s latest Horizon Scan Report and considered what role the business continuity professional may play in the response to each of those threats materialising.

From all this discussion, a new paper was published which suggested three major points that underscore the need to reposition the business continuity professional in the future:

  • Threats are real and expanding, leading to increased business risk.
  • These changes are leading to changes in our profession.
  • Our success will be based on our knowledge of the organization and its business environment, including customers and their expectations.

Patrick Alcantara DBCI, Senior Research Associate at the BCI, commented: “The movement towards resilience offers opportunities to business continuity professionals to upgrade their skills, engage with related management disciplines, and create more impact within the organization. This paper from the BCI US 20/20 Group affirms the contributions made by business continuity professionals and proposes a way forward with building resilient organizations as a goal. I would like to thank the BCI US 20/20 Group, Chaired by John Jackson FBCI, for distilling the latest thinking into a timely piece which contributes to our collective understanding of resilience.

Download your free copy of The changing face of the business continuity professional today in order to develop your understanding of the future of the profession.