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The Excellent Instagram Excels On The iPhone 4S

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 11:01 BST

The iPhone 4S incorporates a high quality camera capable of capturing some superb images. Thanks to the quality of this snapper a number of applications have been released that enhance the functionality of this facility. One of the best examples that we have encountered is the superb Instagram service.

Instagram has turned into a global success over the past 12 months with over 50 million users taking advantage of this excellent free software. Facebook recently purchased the service which gives you an idea about just how huge the application is. When first downloading Instagram for the iPhone 4S users are required to enter a few personal details in order to register their account. Once this has been done you can take advantage of all that the software has to offer. What sets Instagram apart from rival software is the excellent social features that it offers. The service is rather like its own social networking site which allows you to follow other users and comment and like photos that they have uploaded. Users can choose to be notified when friends from Twitter and Facebook join the service so that you can choose to follow them if you desire. When using the service it is also easy to share your images with sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The other superb element of Instagram for iPhone 4S is the excellent effects that it allows you to apply to your images. You can shoot the original image using the application or if you prefer use the pre installed camera function and then edit the results using Instagram. There a wide range of options available to make your shoots look as eye catching as possible. There is a wide choice of filters available, each of which gives a different effect to your image. Some of the options give a classic, retro look while others look very futuristic. Some tilt focus adjustments can also be applied to the image to add more depth of field. If you feel the need to add captions to your images then this can easily be done using the service and all images can be geo tagged which places a geographical location on every image.

Instagram is one of the most popular applications available for the iPhone 4S and it is the perfect accompaniment to the excellent camera feature boasted by the phone. The social aspect of the service is a great way to share material while the excellent filters and editing options can help you to create a really special image.

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