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The HTC One Mini Looking More Realistic Following New Leak

News   •   Jun 23, 2013 21:55 BST

One potential new smartphone that has been on the receiving end of a number of rumours recently is the new Mini version of the HTC One.  The Taiwanese manufacturers are set to launch this model later in the summer in response to the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.  This new model has not been confirmed as yet but a new leak pretty much tells us details about the models name and the quality of screen that it will feature.  

Whereas the vast majority of leaks that we receive come from unreliable sources or turn out to be incorrect this latest one relating to a miniature version of the HTC One handset was found on the official HTC website under a User Agent Profile.  This makes this latest leak immediately much more credible than various others.  The leak relates to the rumoured new HTC One Mini handset and confirms that this will indeed be the name of the device.  The fact that this model  does exist means that the rumoured launch over the coming weeks looks very likely.  HTC are keen to get the handset to market in a bid to compete against the Galaxy S4 Mini which is being released by Samsung.  The original HTC One device has sold over 5 million units and the Taiwanese manufacturers will be hoping that the new model mirrors the success of its big brother.

This new leak relating to the HTC One Mini not only confirms that this will indeed by the name of the new phone but also some important aspects about the screen that will be incorporated.  Earlier reports have suggested that the model will offer a 720P HD display, lower than the 1080P found on the HTC One, and this is confirmed.  The screen will measure 4.3 inches and be capable of displaying a 1280 x 720 resolution which will still produce a very respectable pixel density of 341PPI.  The processor chip is also said to be slightly less powerful than the flagship device at 1.4Ghz and only offer dual cores.  Consumers will be delighted by the fact however that the model is set to feature the same premium build quality, one of the stand out features of the model.  Please visit our site for the best deals

The HTC One continues to sell very well across the globe and it looks as though it will be joined by a new, miniature model over the coming weeks.