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The HTC One Mini-New Model Pictures Leaked Online

News   •   Jun 09, 2013 17:59 BST

The HTC One has been a big hit with consumers since its release and earlier this week reports emerged that HTC were preparing to release a miniature version of the phone, much like what Samsung have done with their own flagship Galaxy S4 model.  These rumours have been strengthened by the fact that we have now seen leaked images and pricing for the compact new device.

The new images of the rumoured HTC One Mini handset have been posted by Estonian tech site Forte and they show the black version of the new handset sitting alongside the White version of the more premium model.  The fact that the devices are pictured together is very useful as it gives us a better idea of the sizing of the model while also giving us a peek at the design that it will be offering.  The images show that the new Mini is not very much smaller than its big brother although this is no great surprises as there a minimal difference in screen size with the Mini boasting a 4.3 inch display and the HTC One a slightly larger 4.7 inch offering.  The gap is larger on the nearest rivals models.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a 5 inch screen compared to a 4.3 inch display on its miniature version.  On the HTC handsets there is also a slight difference in resolution with the Mino offering 720P HD compared to 1080P HD on the bigger phone.  Further Mini HTC leaks

HTC will be hoping that the new mini version of the HTC One will be a smaller and more competitively priced alternative to their flagship device and as a consequence of this some of the specification on the phone looks to have been downgraded.  Some elements however are identical and consumers will be delighted that the design is one element that has not changed.  The HTC One is famed for its Aluminium chassis and the new Mini handset will offer an identical build.  The same 4 ultra pixel camera will also be included.  In terms of processing the spec is slightly lower and a dual core chip will be present rather than a quad core.  This is rumoured to be a Snapdragon CPU which will sit alongside 2GB of RAM.  Forte have reported that we can expect to see the model later in the Summer during August and it will hit shelves with a price of around £340.  Discover the most up to date One model savings from HTC

The new mini version of the HTC One is an exciting new device set to be released soon.  The fact that the model offers the same design and camera as its big brother will delight consumers who are eager to get their hands on this new phone.