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The HTC One S And The Samsung Galaxy S2 Both Offer Super Display Technology

News   •   Mar 29, 2012 12:00 BST

In 2011 the Samsung Galaxy S2 was the most successful mobile phone thanks to some very high specification and stylish design. The device has won countless awards and set the standard that many of last years devices tried to follow. This year we have seen several new devices unveiled that hope to emulate the success that the Samsung model has achieved. One such model is the new HTC One S, a super new phone that incorporates some excellent technology. We take a look at the design and screen technology on both devices and see how the king of 2011 models compares with one of the new models for 2012.

The two models that we are looking at offer very different styles of design. The HTC One S sports a very curved design while the Samsung Galaxy S2 is very angular with minimal curves. The HTC device is an improvement on many of the handsets that the manufacturers have previously produced and it is one of the best looking phones that we have seen unveiled this year. An very thin bezel surrounds the screen which dominates the fascia of the model while the back panel sports an unusual bump which helps to make the device feel very comfortable in the palm of your hand. The HTC One S is a very slim model and measures just 7.8mm in this area which makes the phone one of the slimmest currently available. Despite being nearly one year old the Samsung Galaxy S2 remains a very stylish phone that manages to look equally as modern as many of its rivals. The phone is slightly thicker than the One S at 8.5mm but it still remains one of the slimmest devices on the market. The model uses a very simple design which comprises of a textured back panel and a large screen that dominates the front of the phone. Despite the differences in design in is hard to pick a handset that really stands out in this area. Some consumers will love the angular design that the S2 boasts while others will be more drawn to the gorgeous curves of the One S.

Both of these two models uses the very latest screen technology to help them excel at showing a variety of different material. The HTC One Sboasts a 4.3 inch screen that uses Super AMOLED technology which was actually developed by Samsung. This display is capable of displaying a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels which results in an impressive pixel density of 256 pixels per inch. The screen is made of a toughened material called Gorilla Glass which means that the device is less likely to pick up scratches and damage than devices that feature a more traditional glass panel. The Samsung Galaxy S2 use the slightly more advanced Super AMOLED Plus technology which is regarded by many as the best type of screen available thanks to its high levels of brightness and great viewing angles. The models does offer a lower resolution than the HTC device of 800 x 480 pixels which means that the phone displays a lower pixel density of 217PPI. Consumers will find it hard to fault either of these screens with the HTC having the edge in terms of resolution and the Samsung offering the superior technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the best phones released in 2011 but a new generation of handsets like the HTC One S offer features and design that match what the Samsung phone can offer.

The HTC One S and the HTC One X are available now.