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The HTC One X And iPhone 4S Boast Excellent Screen And Camera Features

News   •   Aug 27, 2012 08:45 BST

The HTC One X is the latest flagship Android smartphone from popular Taiwanese manufacturer, and has proven to be a popular choice since it was first unveiled at MWC 2012 in Barcelona.  In this article, I am going to compare its screen and camera features with those of the popular Apple iPhone 4S, as these are two of the most important features for many people when choosing their next Smartphone.



The Apple iPhone 4S is well known for the quality of its touchscreen, in particular the display quality produced by the retina display.  This gets its name due to the fact that the naked eye cannot distinguish between individual pixels, so no matter what you are seeing on the screen, it is in the utmost display quality.  At 3.5 inches, the screen is rather compact, and this is the key to its display quality.  With a resolution of 640x 960 packed into its modest 3.5 inch dimensions, a whopping pixel density of 330 pixels per inch is created, which remains unrivalled by most other smartphone models.  The screen of the HTC One X on the other hand is much larger at 4.7 inches.  This utilises Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen technology, making this the first HTC handset to do so, and also makes it the most advanced touchscreen to date of any HTC smartphone.  In order to ensure excellent display quality despite its large dimensions, a high definition resolution of 720x 1280 ensures that display quality is every bit as impressive as its popular Apple rival.



The HTC One X and the Apple iPhone 4S are both well equipped as camera phones.  Due to the fact that their screens vary considerably, they are much more evenly matched in the camera department. They share a resolution of 8 megapixels which ensures that both phones are capable of capturing similarly high quality photos. Additionally, they also share similar image enhancing features like adjustable flash and focus settings as well as face detection and image stabilisation. Video footage can also be shot by both phones with each including a number of different resolutions right the way up to 1080p which is full high definition.


Because both of these phones have similar cameras, choosing between them is likely to come down to their screens. It will probably be down to personal preference either for the larger screen of the HTC One X, or the superior display quality of the iPhone 4S.

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