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The HTC One X-Google Drive To Offer New Storage Solution

News   •   May 02, 2012 14:08 BST

Just two years ago one of the most important elements of mobile smartphones was the storage capacity that they offered. As screen size and processing power continued to grow the handsets became ideal for playing back a wealth of multi media content including audio and video files. The down side to these file is that they occupied a large amount of the phones storage capacity and as a result phones were introduced offering massive amounts of capacity. Recently new cloud storage services have become popular which have reduced the need for large internal capacity on many models. Internet giants Google are now set to launch their own service for devices like the HTC One X.

Cloud storage services basically involve the users data being stored at a remote location known as the cloud. Services such as this offer numerous advantages over internal storage. The fact that the files are located centrally means that they can be accessed from other devices. This means that users can view their photographs and other data from their laptop computer or home PC. The other main advantage of this type of system is that if the mobile phone is lost or stolen important data remains safe. This data can then be easily transferred to a new device. Cloud storage has increased in popularity over the last few months with several companies offering consumers varying amounts of storage. Users of the HTC One X can already use the Dropbox service thanks to a deal between the company and HTC. Users are given 25GB of free storage for two years. Apple have also recently launched their popular iCloud service for users running an iOS device. The new Google Drive facility may prove to be the most popular of all. Google design the Android operating system which is the OS that is used by most smartphones and therefore integration of this new service is likely to be superb on these phones.

The HTC One Xdoes offer users 16GB of internal storage but user can extend on this with the help of Google Drive. Although there has been no official confirmation about exactly what the new system will offer it is expected that users will be allocated a designated amount of free storage capacity. This is likely to be somewhere around the 5GB level but user can opt to increase their capacity by paying an annual subscription. It is expected that Google will allocate additional storage in steps of 100GB. No prices have been announced but Google will be keen to compete with other similar platforms so expect them to be very attractive. Another advantage of Google Drive over other services is that it will easily intergrate with a number of other Google services. Data from Google Docs will be able to be remotely stored and PDF files will also be accommodated.

Users of the HTC One X have the choice of numerous cloud storage service but the introduction of Google Drive may ultimately prove to be the best available thanks to Google's years of experience in providing consumers with excellent software for both smartphones and computers.

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