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The HTC One X Outclasses The Compatition In Terms Of Its Music Features

News   •   Jul 21, 2012 22:57 BST

Smartphones are now used for a wide variety of different tasks, and people are now replacing standalone MP3 players with smartphones due to their impressive attributes as music player. A great example is the HTC One X, as this comes with an array of music features which puts it ahead of the competition. In this article I will look at the music features of the One X.


The Taiwanese manufacture’s latest flagship smartphone boasts arguably the best spec list when it comes to playing music of any smartphone. It has all the usual features like a great native music player widget (with others available for download from Google Play), wide ranging file compatibility etc, but there is one feature in particular which sets it apart. It incorporates Beats Audio, which provides almost unrivalled sound quality, using the same technology as the iconic Beats Audio headphones which are endorsed by Hip Hop mogul Dr. Dre. HTC recently bought a majority stake in Monster which is the company behind the Beats Audio brand, for a reported $300 million, meaning this technology will only be found on HTC smartphones. This technology provides unrivalled sound quality whether you are playing music stored on the phone, streamed from services like Spotify, or even streamed radio services.


The HTC One X is also of course compatible with downloaded apps from Google Play, and a popular music streaming app is called Spotify. This allows users to stream music from a massive database of tracks which is regularly updated with new albums and singles, allowing users to browse and play millions of tracks.  Because the tracks are streamed, a data connection is required which means that users do not have to use up the handsets internal storage to store their music tracks.  However, if you are unable to connect to a data network or Wi-Fi network, you are able to store a limited number of playlists on your handset, and if you sign up to a premium account which requires a monthly subscription, you can score unlimited playlists and also have the benefit of no adverts between songs.


As you can see, the HTC One X is perfectly equipped for playing music tracks but it of course offers an array of other impressive features including a high definition screen, 8 megapixel camera and the latest version of Android with HTC Sense UI over the top, making it one of the most powerful, versatile and user friendly smartphones of the market.

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