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The HTC Sensation XL offering immediate photo snapping

News   •   May 06, 2012 10:07 BST

The HTC Sensation XL UK deals an instant capture camera makes taking photos extremely easy along with the easy to use editing software to provide the perfect photo finish. Additionally, there is plenty of music support along with intuitive features for messaging, social networking and more. The device provides an active lock screen which has changed the locked screen of the handset into a portal for some of the common features that users are checking, but don’t necessarily need to use. For example, you can view missed calls, messages, emails and latest social networking updates form friends without actually unlocking the interface. This provides faster and easier access to what you want. The interface as a whole also provides richer clarity and allows you to enjoy a fuller Web experience when browsing, with multi-window support and the ability to jump straight to common sites such as YouTube or Wikipedia. The intuitive home screen also provides a vivid depiction of the current weather where you are through its graphics, while allowing you to fully customise it with ease, changing the shortcuts and widgets to those you want. The Sensation XL is essentially a larger version of the HTC Sensation XE specs respectively, offering a bigger 4.7 inch touch screen (to the XE 4.3 inch), while still maintaining an impressively slim and stylish unibody design. Powered y the Android operating system along with the rich experience of the HTC Sense user interface, the handset is capable of achieving multitasking functions with ease, especially supported by a 1.5 gigahertz processor and 768 megabytes of RAM. Storage capacity of music and other media is an impressive 16 gigabytes, again playing to the handset’s name. The phone also provides an internal GPS antenna to aid location based services such as Facebook Places, among other location and social networking applications. Central to this smartphone also however is its music player. This handset offers the impressively powerful Beats Audio system along with custom designed headsets providing excellent sound quality for music and video playback, while videos are also better watched on its large display. The DLNA connectivity along with other connections provide easy means to share on a television or to a computer also. The handset also offers instant photo capture through its 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash among its other features. The HTC Sensation XL is a large, yet extremely thin handset offering some fantastically rich hardware supported by great software. The phone provides some of the best features for any user, regardless of which they use most, making it a truly stunning all-round performer.