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The idea of ISO26262 – for functional safety

News   •   Sep 14, 2010 12:44 BST

The idea of ISO26262 – for functional safety

In 2007, Dr Håkan Sivencrona from Mecel and Dr. Rolf Johansson from Mentor Graphics began to develop a concept for development of safety related software in compliance with the ISO 26262 standard. Their mission was clear: To make automotive software developed according to ISO 26262 simpler and foremost safer.

“Safety-related electrical and electronic systems are becoming an increasingly important aspect of automotive product development. With increasing electrification of vehicle architectures, the need for standardized automotive safety-systems is obvious.” Håkan Sivencrona explains. He is working as a representative in the international standardization organization with ISO 26262 - where he is one of the Swedish experts. “The aim of ISO26262 is to organize best practice and state of the art technologies as well as processes under one standard for the development of automotive safety-related systems.” Dr Håkan Sivencrona continues

The automotive industry joins in

In 2008 the SEooC* initiative, as it is called, got support from Bosch, Daimler and BMW as they saw the potential of the new concept. These major automotive players saw the advantages in their own product development and how it would assist other safety-critical systems developers in the implementation of best-practice design and development processes. And in Japan, May 2009 it was decided that part 10 of the ISO 26262 standard will host the concept.

The new safety standard nearly ready

Together, Rolf Johansson, Håkan Sivencrona and the involved companies has continued to lobby for the new concept. The concept grew quickly and became a collaborative effort by automakers, tier 1 suppliers, systems integrators, and electrical, electronic and control systems developers. Dr Håkan Sivencrona who is a specialist on Functional Safety, AUTOSAR and Development processes is an active participant in the development of the ISO 26262 standard and is currently trying to finalize the SEooC for the 2 DIS ballot of part 10.  The final meeting of the concept will be held at Mecel on the 23rd and 24th of August.

Research possibilities Mecel is in the final stages of an application to Artemis (Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligence and Systems) in order to further research model based development of software for safety based applications and continue the important work with ISO26262. Other partners are EADS, Intecs, Opel. There is an opening for a Swedish company wanting to participate to develop the Functional Safety Standard. Contact Håkan Sivencrona (+46 (0)31 720 44 33 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +46 (0)31 720 44 33 end_of_the_skype_highlighting) to find out more.

About SEooC

*SEooC stands for “Safety Element out of Context” and has been developed to simplify and clarify the development process when suppliers in the automotive industry adjust their processes to comply with the international standard. In short, SEooC is established to tailor a development process for software platforms like AUTOSAR as well as larger  reusable control systems developed by ECU suppliers without a particular vehicle or customer in mind. When the vehicle and its safety goals are known it will be easier to integrate and show that the entire system is developed according to ISO 26262 with sufficient safety.