The Inspiration that iPhone 5S curve offers

News   •   Jul 24, 2013 07:00 BST

One of the hot topics in technology blogs nowadays is the iPhone 5S. Many consumers are excitedly waiting for its release. As what the Phones Review section had stated many times before, Apple needs to bring something new if it concerns the iPhone 5S or 6. Something exciting and fascinating about these smartphones will not go unnoticed. Just today, a vision of the iPhone 5S image was designed and this is something that you feel will be one of the inspiration for you to grab one.

Though, it is expected that the iPhone 5S will have a slight difference from the others, iPhone 6 is expected to have a big fix next year but these thoughts do not stop other people from thinking of more looks from the two smartphones. Apple iPhone 5S is said to be set for release this coming September but just recently, there are slip ups in its components and the supposed examples even suggested that as far as the design and the form are concerned, there will be a very little difference from the iPhone 5.

Just recently, there are discussions about the iPhone 5 deals that showed that one of the most common complaints about this smartphone is that its design lacks originality. It seems that many people would like to see what can Apple do to come out with a new and modern look that will make each and everyone go crazy about the device. Though it is still not known and cannot be shown what the real iPhone 5S really looks like, the imagined images of the iPhone 5S comes from one of the mobile phone designer.

How about you, how do you want Apple iPhone 5S to look like? Would like it simple or more curves that the iPhone 5? Post your comments, share them with everyone else for them to visualize their own desired iPhone 5S.