The iPhone 4 16GB is the Perfect All-Rounder

News   •   Mar 14, 2012 06:43 GMT

The iPhone 4 16GB has been around for a few years now, but even with the impending iPhone 5 on its way and many other smart phones being available, there is still a strong draw to the iPhone 4 16GB. Apple did bring an 8GB handset out, which made it more accessible for people to buy as it was slightly cheaper due to the lack of memory, but for the iPhone 4 to work to its fullest it needs that extra space to be able to perform all the tasks you ask from it.

It’s become a household name, the iPhone 4 and despite being overshadowed last year from the iPhone 4S which is a little bit smarter and more intuitive, there are people that are unsure about it and want to try it but not for crazy amounts of money. They might be die-hard Blackberry fans or have been locked into a two-year contract and only now fancy the change to Apple’s flagship model.

The great thing about the iPhone 4 16GB is that it is a few models behind the very latest which means that the price is far lower than ever before. For those that want more space for all of their music videos and what-not, there is a 32GB version, but as a happy medium the 16GB iPhone 4 is ideal as it doesn’t command the price of the larger capacity model.

With a 5-megapixel camera and a 720p resolution camcorder, the iPhone 4 16GB is as good as a regular digital camera. Take high quality snaps while you’re on the move and thanks to the crystal clear screen the images on the phone itself are amazing. As ever with Apple products, you can download apps from the AppStore direct to your phone. That includes videos, music and applications that run directly on your phone. With the latest Safari web browsing app, it offers the best experience for using your smartphone.

You might feel that you’re behind the times when it comes to finally purchasing an iPhone, but don’t worry, the iPhone 4 16GB is very similar to the latest S version of the phone and it’s also the most popular. With the myriad of apps you can buy you can have the whole Apple iPhone experience without having to pay the original prices or have to shell out for the incredible cost of the new iPhone 4S. As the iPhone 5 is on its way at the end of 2012, now is the best time to get hold of an iPhone 4 16GB as you can grab a bargain. You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on the latest technology as the meat and bones of it all is housed within the iPhone 4 so you can miss out on paying the premium for the very latest phone.

If you’re wondering about which smart phone to buy next and have yet to experience the iPhone then choose the 4 16GB as it’s the best all-rounder that doesn’t cost as much as the newest models but you can still have the majority of their features.