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The iPhone 4S And HTC One X Perfectly Showcase Their Respective Operating Systems' Benefits

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 13:03 BST

The Apple iPhone 4S has been one of the most popular smartphones on the market since its release last October.  Since then, several prominent manufacturers have released impressive smartphones meaning the iPhone 4S now faces tougher competition than ever.  One of the fundamental differences between the iPhone 4S and devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are their operating systems.  In this article, I will compare the iOS and Android operating systems using the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X as examples.


The Apple iPhone 4S utilises iOS as its operating system of choice, as this is Apple's own smartphone and tablet operating system used by all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.  This is well known for its simple layout and extremely user friendly interface.  Apps are laid out in a simple grid pattern, and users simply swipe the screen can until they reach the app they are looking for.  Alternatively, users can create folders by which they can group apps.  This is very convenient as users can group apps by the ones which they use most often or they can group apps which fall under the same category.  This can make it much easier to find the apps you are looking for as well as ensuring the user interface remains neat and uncluttered. While it is a simple and user friendly interface, the iOS platform provides extensive integration between related apps and many advanced features, making it one of the most powerful smartphone operating systems.


Android, the latest version of which is used by the HTC One X, is very different to iOS for a number of reasons. It is renowned for its customisation options, and this is especially true of the new Ice Cream Sandwich version used by the HTC One X, particularly as it also has the HTC Sense UI over the top. This is because it allows users to assign up to seven individual homescreens which can be customised with apps downloaded from Google Play Store, and it also supports widget functionality, a feature which iOS currently lacks.


While both of these operating systems are very different in terms of the user interface and experience that they provide, they are equally impressive for different reasons. Choosing between these operating systems is likely to come down to your personal preference wither for the simplicity of the iOS platform used by the iPhone 4S, or the extensive customisation features of the Android OS on the HTC One X.

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