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The iPhone 4S Boasts The Ever Impressive Siri App

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 23:08 BST

As one of the most versatile smartphones on the market, there are many things to like about the Apple iPhone 4S. While it excels at multimedia use, has a great camera and screen, and has over 500,000 compatible apps, its crowning features is arguably Siri. This is the voice activated personal assistant app, and in this article I will look at some of its benefits.


Siri- What Is it?

Siri is an app which will recognise your voice commands, and then use the most appropriate native app to carry out your request. It is designed to make life easier, so all you have to do is tell the phone what to do and hey presto, it is done.


Siri- What Tasks Can It Perform?

Siri is able to perform a wide array of different tasks. As long as your request can be carried out using a native iOS app (an app made by Apple and installed as standard on the iPhone 4S), then the chances are it is compatible with Siri. The list of tasks that Siri can perform includes (and is not limited to) writing and sending SMS and email messages, scheduling appointments and events in your calendar, searching the internet, controlling your music playback, calling contacts, launching applications and much, much more. Here is an example of how the app works; once you have activated Siri, you can ask 'what is the weather like in London?'. After a couple of seconds, the native iPhone weather app will be displayed with the current weather and forecast for London. That's all there is to it. Simply ask Siri a question or tell it to do something, and the rest is done for you.


Siri- How Well Does It Work?

Obviously it is very impressive that Siri is capable of performing the amount of tasks that it can. What many find more impressive though is just how well it works. Siri has been optimised to understand a number of regional accents from the US and UK, as well as several other Asian and European languages. Thanks to its 1GHz dual-core processor, tasks are carried out almost instantly, and make Siri efficient and accurate.


Some others have tried to create versions of this type of app for use on other platforms, but many agree that Siri is the best, in terms of its sheer ease of use, accuracy and usefulness. If you take the time to learn everything that Siri is capable of, it can make life much easier.

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