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The iPhone 4S Boasts The Handy FaceTime App

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 23:16 BST

The popular Apple iPhone 4S is well known for its outstanding spec list, which includes an array impressive and innovative apps as standard. In this article I will look at one of its popular native apps called FaceTime.


FaceTime is an app which allows users to carry out face to face video calls. The app is able to be used across a number of compatible devices including the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 and some iPad models. There are several benefits to this app, with one of the main ones being that no call charges are incurred.


FaceTime is free to use between compatible apple products thanks to the fact that it uses an Internet connection instead of relying on your mobile network operator's coverage.  This means that you can use either three G or Wi-Fi connection, however latter is preferable.  This is because it will not use up any of your data allowance, and therefore no data charges will be incurred should you exceed your monthly data allowance should you have such restrictions on your tariff.  Using the front facing camera on compatible devices like the iPhone four S, users can carry out video calls in RealTime, which is of course a much more interactive and personal experience in simply talking on the phone.


While FaceTime can be used for person calls, or even business calls, there is one particular group of people who would benefit massively from the advantages of FaceTime.  This is those who regularly call somebody who is located overseas.  In the UK, calling other countries can be very expensive.  FaceTime-who offers a great alternative, thanks to it being free of charge and also offering the added bonus of videocalling.


As you can see, there are several benefits to FaceTime.  The only real limitation of this is that you must have a compatible apple products like the iPhone four S.  If you have saved an android Smartphone, there are alternatives available, one of the most notable being Skype.  This is compatible with just about every Smartphone platform out there, as well as computers, so you can use it in conjunction with your webcam up.  Apps like FaceTime and Skype perfectly demonstrate how Smartphones can be used for innovative new methods of communication as well as the traditional formats as standard phone calls and text messages.  If you have never used any of these apps, give them a go and you are sure to be pleased with them.  If you regularly call people who are located overseas, they can also potentially save you a lot of money.

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