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The iPhone 4S Outcalsses The Majority Of Its COmpetition As A Multimedia Phone

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 22:19 BST

The Apple iPhone 4S remains one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and is widely regarded as one of the best smartphones for multimedia use available.  While several other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and LG have recently released their flagship smartphones for 2012, many people still regard the iPhone 4S as one of the best phones for multimedia use.  This is thanks largely to the integration between iTunes, iPod and AppStore which form Apple's famous multimedia ecosystem.  In this article, I will take a closer look at these features and why many see this handset as one of the best choices for multimedia users.


Multimedia Downloads

The Apple iPhone 4S comes pre-installed with the iTunes app, meaning that users can browse millions of music tracks, movies, TV episodes and series and onto the device.  As long as a data or Wi-Fi connection is available, many of these products can be downloaded straight onto the handset.  iTunes is well-known and used by millions of people on iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and of course computers.  iTunes is so popular that it outsells the sales of CDs and its sales figures form an integral part of music charts where they are compiled.


Playing Multimedia Files

In order to play music and other multimedia file types, the iPhone 4S has a pre-installed iPod touch app.  This replicates the standalone iPod touch with the exact same interface and functionality.  It organizes your music tracks whether they have been transferred from a computer or downloaded from iTunes, making it easy to manage your music collection.  Browsing your tracks can be done through several different categories such as album, artist and individual tracks as well as genre etc.  This app also has cover flow included which allows users to browse through their tracks and albums using their respective album art, which is highly functional and looks great.


App Downloads

Of course, the ability to download applications forms a major part of the appeal of smartphones in general.  Apple was something of a pioneer in this subject thanks to the famous AppStore.  This has over 500,000 apps found within numerous different categories, and allows users to download them directly onto the handset.  This massively increases the potential functionality of the device, as apps range from games to utility apps and even productivity tools to make life easier in the workplace.


Because of the seamless integration between the iTunes, iPod and AppStore apps, the iPhone 4S remains largely unrivalled in terms of its multimedia functionality.  Because of this, many people see this as the superior multimedia smartphone, despite some very impressive handsets from other manufacturers.

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