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The iPhone 5 Affecting Current iPhone 4S Sales

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 05:23 BST

The new iPhone 5 is set to signify a big increase in sales for Apple when it is finally released. Strangely the speculation surrounding this model has had an effect on sales figures in the last financial quarter. Apple have just unveiled these figures which make very interesting reading.

During the third financial quarter of the year Apple have revealed that they turned over a massive revenue of $35 billion. This figure is made up from sales of all Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad. The total net profit from this figure is a huge $8.8 billion. When we compare these figures against the same period in 2011 there is a big increase. In terms of revenue the 2011 figure was $28.6 billion with a profit of $7.3. The speculation that surrounds the new iPhone 5 however has had an effect on these figures when we take a look at the figure against the previous quarter this year. In terms of iPhone sales the third quarter registered 26 million compared with 35 million in quarter 2. This could be because many potential buyers are not purchasing the iPhone 4S and are holding on for the new model. The positive aspect of this for Apple is that Q4 results could be huge as this is when the new phone is destined to be launched.

The new iPhone 5 has not been officially unveiled but numerous internet rumours gives us a good idea about what to expect from the phone. It is easy to see why this model is shaping up to be the best iPhone release of all time. One big change that will delight fans of the phone is the expected increase in screen size. Apple are set to increase the size of the display from 3.5 inches to 4.08 inches which will improve the device in terms of multi media playback and web browsing. We also expect a boost in resolution in order for the phone to deliver a similar pixel density to the iPhone 4S. Another change from the previous two models will be with the design. Apple are ditching the "glass sandwich" body that has been used on the previous two generations of the phone and it is likely that a new metallic body will feature. In terms of processing power the model is set to boast a quad core processor to help it excel at multi tasking, a valuable introduction with so many features present on the model.

We believe that the the new iPhone will be launched towards the end of the third quarter which means it should have a massive effect on the fourth quarter performance of the company. The great new changes that this model will boast will help to make it one of the most popular smartphones ever released.

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