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The iPhone 5 And iOS6 Set To Offer Numerous Improvements

News   •   Jul 09, 2012 07:57 BST

The iPhone 5 is an exciting new handset coming to the market and we can look forward to some major improvements on this new model. The introduction of the new iOS6 operating system will be where a large number of these improvements are featured so we take a look at this area of the new device.

The iPhone 5 will run on the impressive new operating system iOS6. This software will providing great improvements over previous version of the software that have been featured on other iPhones and Apple devices. The combination of this new platform with the great spec that the model will offer will ensure that the iPhone 5 is one of the most popular handsets of all time . The improvements present on the new OS range small changes to ones that will make using this devise easier and more enjoyable. Siri has become a great asset to the iPhone and with the incorporation of the new operating system it is now even better. Along with it's original features user can now find out sports scores, statistics, facts and figures by simply using this voice recognition service. Another new addition is Siri's knowledge of movies, ask away and you will be provided with an impressive range of trailers, cinema and cast listings. There is a broad range of improvements expected on the iPhone 5 and we have only touched on a few. This release just gets more exciting.

One of the main uses of modern smartphones is accessing social networking sites allowing user to keep up to date and connect with friends. The iPhone 5 has improved on its services in this area with the help of the new iOS6 operating system. Twitter was made an integral part of the OS on the iPhone 4S and it's now Facebook's turn. Users can view their friends profiles and details straight from their contacts list and can simply ask Siri to update their facebook status. Photo will also be able to be posted directly to the site along with video clips and location details. The new Passbook application will help to keep you organised by keeping documents such as bording passes, vouchers and coupons in one place. Some smaller updates delivered by the new software will also include the ability to select audio tracks as alarms tones, more wallpaper choice and an improved notifications centre.

With all of these improvements and more the great new smartphone, the iPhone 5 looks destined to be a huge success. Siri has just got even better with it's exciting new range of features including it connectivity with Facebook. Consumers do not have long to wait to get their hands on this exceptional device with the release date being brought forward from the usual September launch to this August.

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