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The iPhone 5-Online Images Reportedly Show Components Of This New Model

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 09:48 BST

As we draw ever closer to the expected launch of the iPhone 5 we are seeing more images pop up online that reportedly show various aspects of the eagerly awaited model. The latest image to appear online reportedly shows some of the components that will be used on this new handset.

The newest photographs relating to the iPhone 5 where posted by French tech site NoWhereElse and they show a range of the components that will be used in the construction of the new phone. The images show these parts all displayed on a white background and it gives us a good idea about some aspects of this new model. Looking at the image the first thing that becomes apparent is that the model will boast a larger battery than the iPhone 4S. The 4S boasted a 1430mAh cell whereas the new phone looks set to include a 1440mAh battery. This may not sound like much of an increase but it is worth remembering that the the model will also sport the new iOS6 operating system which will also offer improved power management. Together these two changes may result in big increases in battery life. Another interesting element of the image is that is show a new nano sim card slot which is smaller than the micro sim used on the 4S. Apple are keen to reduce the internal space on the phone so they can make the model the slimmest iPhone ever and this new smaller sim together with a smaller connector dock will help them to achieve their goal.

The new reported images of the iPhone 5 do give us a good idea about how the model may look but they do not shed much light on the technical specification of the handset. To get an idea about this we have to rely on the dozens of rumours that are circulating about the model. One of the big changes set to be apparent on the phone is in the processing department where it is expected that a quad core processor will be used. This will really help the phone to excel at multi tasking. Another area where there will be a big change will be in the screen department. Apple have always used 3.5 inch displays on their iPhone models but this looks set to change with the new model sporting a 4 inch screen. This may still be smaller than many rival screens but it will enable the phone to remain as one of the most compact devices on the market while giving users some extra space for tasks such as web browsing and video playback.

It is expected that the iPhone 5 will be officially unveiled in September which will tell us exactly what the model will offer. Until that time we must rely on these new images and rumours to get an idea about what the handset will offer.

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