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The iPhone 5 Set To Outshine The Sony Xperia S For Screen Technology And Design

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 06:25 BST

We continue our look at how the new iPhone 5 may compare with other leading devices on the market. This time it is the turn of the Sony Xperia S, a great looking phone that offers one of the very best displays around. How will the new iPhone match up in terms of styling and screen technology?

The Sony Xperia S is the first device produced but Sony without input from Ericsson, the company who they produced numerous devices with over the past decade. This change in direction has had a positive effect on the design as the Xperia S is a gorgeous phone. The model is very similar in looks to other premium Xperia devices but this one has a touch more class about it. A curvy design is very eye catching and Sony have opted to incorporate an attractive transparent section which sets the model apart from many of its rivals. There is no confirmed design of the new iPhone 5 but sample devices and internet rumours give us a good idea about what to expect and the early signs are very promising. Apple will introduce a brand new design on this model, much to the delight of fans who were hoping that last years 4S device would offer a change in this area. The new phone looks set to feature a metallic body that offers similar measurements to the iPhone 4S despite featuring an increased display size. Apple handsets are renowned for their design and we have a feeling that this new model will be the most attractive iPhone ever released.

Despite the iPhone 4S offering what is regarded by many as the best screen in the world, the Sony Xperia S actually boasts a display that exceeds what this model can offer in terms of pixel density. At 342 PPI the Sony is currently the best handset around in this area and Apple will be keen to offer even more from the new iPhone 5. The Sony makes uses of a 4.3 inch screen capable of displaying vivid colours and excellent levels of brightness. The new iPhone 5 will offer a screen larger than 3.5 inches for the first time in the history of the model. Reports suggest that 4.08 inches is the screen size that the manufacturers will use and this is a very clever move on behalf of Apple. Being slightly smaller than many rival displays should enable the device to boast a pixel density of around 350PPI which would make it the highest quality screen around. The relatively small size will also help the handset to be one of the most compact phones on the market.

We will not have long to wait until we get some confirmed images and specification relating to the new iPhone 5. Despite this lack of information the model is sure to boast stunning looks and a screen that at least equals what the excellent Xperia S has to offer.

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