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The iPhone 5S Appears With The iPhone Light In New Sketched Diagrams

News   •   Jun 23, 2013 19:50 BST

Now that we have seen the majority of smartphone manufacturers release their latest flagship models much attention is turning towards Apple who are expected to release their new iPhone 5S soon.  A number of reports have suggested that we will also see a new budget iPhone arrive and this is now looking increasingly likely thanks to a new sketched diagram that shows the potential new models side by side.

In the build up to the release of a new phone we often see information leaked about the model and Apple are not exempt from this. The new leaked pictures to emerge are of the iPhone 5S along with a device named the iPhone Light which we can only imagine is the new mid range model that has been talked about so much.  The pictures were published by Apple Insider who state that the obtained them from an accessory manufacturer.  Such company's are provided with sketches of new and forthcoming models so they have exact dimensions and layouts to work to when producing items such as cases and bumpers.  So much trust is placed in these images that work is already said to have begun on accessories.  Since their publication a number of experts have created interesting 3D renders of what the devices will look like.

Having a look at these latest sketches that have emerged online it is very apparent that in terms of looks the new iPhone 5S and the iPhone Light will look very similar.  Both models incorporate a 4 inch display so there is little difference in sizing although the 5S is slightly narrower and slimmer.  This will also dash hopes of consumers who were waiting for a new larger screen iPhone to be released.  Both models closely resemble the iPhone 5 in terms of design so we are not expecting any major shocks on the design front when we see the models in the flesh.  It does look however that both models will offer a different type of flash for the camera. The image shows the 5S with an elongated flash suggesting that it uses dual LED's while the more circular appearance on the Light makes us believe that it will be a single LED variety.  Discover the newest AppleiPhone 5S promotions as they are announced.

We are expecting to see the iPhone 5S arrive during the third quarter of the year and it looks as though this model will be accompanied by a new iPhone Light to appeal to consumers with less to spend on a new handset.