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The iPhone 5S May Offer iRadio As One Of Its Key New Features

News   •   Jun 10, 2013 07:37 BST

We have heard rumours about the proposed Apple iRadio service for several months now and reports this week suggest that the service is nearing completion and could even feature at WWDC 2013 with the new iOS7 software.  If this proves to be correct the service is likely to be introduced at around the same time as the release for the new iPhone 5S.

Apple have the likes of Spotify firmly in their sites with the exciting new iRadio service.  This new music streaming platform has been months in development and latest reports suggest that advanced negotiations are taking place with some content providers while some other big names are already signed up and on board.  The New York Times is the publication that has broken this latest news and they state that talks are progressing between Apple and Sony Music Entertainment while deals already struck include major companies such as Warner and Universal Music.  The reason why the Sony negotiations are not yet completed is apparently down to Sony not being happy with the proposed royalties that Apple will pay, in particular in relation to tracks that are only partially listened to.  It is not though however that this will prove a major hurdle and an agreement should be in place soon that will enable the service to be showcased at WWDC and launched in September around the same time as the iPhone 5S.

Apple hold their World Wide Developers Congress annually and it is where they traditionally showcase new software and this year it is expected to include both iRadio and the new iOS7 operating system which will be debuted on the iPhone 5S later in the summer.  iRadio is Apple's own music streaming service much like Spotify and Pandora and the fact that the Apple brand is so popular should ensure that the package is well received when it is first released.  iRadio will be linked with consumers iTunes accounts and will be subject to a monthly subscription much like other services.  It will also offer some features not present on services such as Pandora like the option to download tracks to the device and the ability to rewind songs that have only been partly listened to.  We expect to see iRadio hit the market in September along with iOS7 and the iPhone 5S.  All the best iPhone 5S deals in one place

The new iPhone 5S is coming soon and it looks as though the new iRadio service will be one feature that users of this new device will be able to take advantage of.