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The iPhone 5S-New Flagship Device Pictured On The Production Line

News   •   Jun 26, 2013 16:26 BST

We have already seen superb smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One released this year but there is one handset yet to be launched that may prove more popular than both of these models.  The new iPhone 5S is set to arrive during the third quarter of the year and we have been hearing rumours that Apple have already begun mass producing this handset ahead of its release.  New images picturing the phone on the production line have now emerged which support these claims.

Apple traditionally launch their newest iPhone device towards the end of the third quarter and this year is set to be no different with many rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5S would be unveiled at around this time.  Previous iPhone launches have been plagued with shipment delays due to high levels of demand so this year Apple are said to have started the production process earlier than normal in a bid to ensure they have enough stock of the model when it is finally released.  Recently we have heard that production of the phone has already begun and now new images show the reported model on the production line.  These images are said to have come from a manufacturing plant in China who Apple use and they have been published by the Gforgames website.  Check out the original story here

This may be the first time that we have actually seen the new iPhone 5S in the flesh but to be honest the pictures do not reveal any dramatic design changes on the model.  The 5S was always rumoured to be an incremental update, meaning software and features would be updated, but in terms of design the model look almost identical to the current iPhone 5 device.  The model is set to boast some features however that are destined to be very attractive to consumers including the new iOS7 operating system.  This new platform includes a host of changes from previous versions following a dramatic update.  Recently we have also been hearing reports that the model will include a new A7 processing chip but this could prove to be pure speculation.  We will be sure to keep you updated with any news on this model as it emerges.  Compare iPhone5S EE and Vodafone prices online

The iPhone 5S is set to be one of the most popular phones launched this year and Apple look as though they have already begun production of the device to ensure that supply can match demand when the handset is finally released.