The iPhone Era: iPhone 4S’ Domination and Choosing The Right Colour

News   •   Jul 11, 2012 13:00 BST

The iPhone clearly has the whole world in a trance where in not having one, is like being sent in exile out of the society. The iPhone, yes, almost everyone has it, but what is so special about this phone? Sure, it has the functionality of a feature mobile phone, a portable media player, a game console, and a handheld computer all in one device, but why are people so mad about having this pretty little thing?

The iPhone broke into popularity in 2007 when they first released their very first model. Gradually, it rose to success which garnered Apple, its manufacturer, more than 100 million units sold from 2007 to 2011. Year 2011 was the most remarkable year for iPhone, this is when the fourth generation of this device, or shortly known as the iPhone 4, has become the widest-selling mobile phone in the world with almost 19 million units sold in just the first three months of 2011.

Since then, iPhone has become the symbol of being technologically-advanced in every country. The iPhone became the hottest thing to boot and iPhone 4S contracts flew out of every network by millions. Many have tried replacing the iPhone in its throne, but to no avail. Sure, there were some great competitions from Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other brands but none of them prove to be successful in replacing iPhone in the hearts of every techie.

Now, after the massive and groundbreaking success of the iPhone 4 contracts, Apple thought that it was high time to release its successor. Generally, people were expecting the launch of iPhone 5, but apparently, there were some issues circulating regarding the postponement of the release of iPhone 5, thus, this gave birth to iPhone 4S: the improved version of its predecessor. Though the iPhone 4S was not something that people were expecting, they embraced it with two open arms mainly because its faster with the A5 chip dual core processor and the personal assistant Siri.

Now, the iPhone 4S is notably one of the most commercially successful phone. It comes in two colors, the iPhone 4S in black gives a more corporate feel while the iPhone 4S in white exudes a more stylish, fun and youthful feel. Perhaps, people will think of the major differences between the iPhone 4S in black and the iPhone 4S in white.

For starters, choosing which color of iPhone you will purchase is like watching TV. There is a reason why a television is black and it is because you want the black color to dissolve into the background to focus on the screen. Clearly, a white television can cause distraction to audiences because of its white contrasting color. The same with iPhones, some people are not a big fan of the contrasting colors of the black screen and the white border on iPhone 4S in white, while some do not mind at all.

Quality-wise, in case people are wondering if the iPhone 4S in white will discolor overtime, the answer is no. Apple has made it in such a way that it will protect the phone itself from UV rays and discoloration. At the end of the day, it all just boils down on the choice of whether you would want to blend in with the crowd quietly with the black iPhone or would you rather stand out with the noticeable and attractive color of the iPhone 4S in white.