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The Leader of Tomorrow is a Coach!

News   •   Oct 04, 2010 17:04 BST

The British company Bridge Partnership has recently conducted a global research programme with their multi-national clients into the changing nature of 21st century leadership, looking at the underpinning capacities, skills, competences and mindsets of leaders that succeed in situations of significant complexity.

In essence, the heart of the leadership challenge that confronts today’s leaders is learning how to lead in situations of ever greater volatility and uncertainty, allied with the need to deal with scale, complexity and new organisational forms that often break with the traditional models and structures within which many have learned their  ‘leadership trade’. 
As a consequence the Future Leader needs to
develop the capacity to be deeply questioning  be warm and caring and genuinely interested in the people who work with and for them  learn to lead in partnership
These factors reflect the fact that the Future Leader is a coach; she (or he) has a deep education in coaching!

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