The Much Awaited iPhone 6 Design

News   •   Jul 13, 2013 07:00 BST

Soon the new iPhone model will be released by Apple.The new iPhone 6 is believed to be out in the market in a few months or early next year.  Changes will be made to come up with an upgraded device of the current model of iPhone. The design of the iPhone 6 that we will present to you today will surely get the attention of iPhone users. It will have a very sleek aluminium design with glass.

We regularly present creative ideas and concepts of the different phones that will soon be released. Today, we are presenting a concept that is inspired by the hearsays that are out regarding the much awaited iPhone 6. Creative and talented designers worked on this new concept idea about iPhone 6.

The new iPhone model that we have here is much thinner than the current iPhone model, the iPhone 5. Its thin appearance gives its users ease and comfort in managing the phone. The aluminium and glass design is based in the current iPhone.

In this design, you will see an Apple logo that glows. We also placed the home button at the side of the handset together with the volume controls. The volume controls in the design is also touch sensitive. The display is spread from edge to edge of the iPhone and its size is 4.5 inches.

To give more options, there are ten very vibrant colours of iPhone 6. The background depends on the colour of the handset. Since users are criticising the icons of the iOS 7, the designers decided to alter them.

This is just a concept idea about the much awaited iPhone 6 but Apple used superior-quality materials. Based in the recent studies and reports, the fact still remains that iPhone users prefer aluminium for the handset even though there are some scratch issues with the current iPhone device. Read more about all types of smartphones at