The Need for Tougher Smartphones

News   •   Dec 02, 2013 09:57 GMT

Today, nobody wants their battery on our smartphones dying too quickly. The requirement for tougher displays and hardier cases is also required as most smartphones are too easy to break, and several customers grumble about insufficient signal. So, what is the answer?

A fresh study has been completed shows how disgruntled customers are about their smartphones. 
Remarkably, nearly all us selected our present smartphones for easy use; two in five of participants ranked this being an important thought, more essential even than look/design (49%), cost (63%) and manufacturer (45%). 

The study was completed amongst 3,500 customers across the UAE, Germany, USA and the UK for Bullitt Mobile Ltd., global licensee of JCB telephones. 

Battery existence is our greatest gripe with 1 in 3 (37%) of telephone proprietors saying it’s their number-one problem. It’s somewhat greater about the listing of worries than blotchy images and high-data costs. A long-lasting battery can also be the only most significant function preferred in a brand new telephone – for 71 of participants – around and above access to the internet (57%) and a higher specification camera. 

The statement additionally unveiled that lots of people would really like our phones to be much more resilient and constructed to endure the knocks of every-day life: over a third of participants had bought add-ons to safeguard their telephone from scratching, whilst almost exactly the same quantity (29%) had bought gadgets to avoid harm by dropping or knocking. 

Gaga Floyd, co-CEO, Bullitt Mobile Ltd. commented: “Most cell phones are not tough enough – and lots of customers are very unhappy about that. Today’s frantic and diverse life styles imply that individuals are demanding much more from their cell phone. Whether it’s a wise phone or a fundamental function phone, proprietors expect their devices to become created to last, simple to use and with a good battery life.” 

“We completed this research to achieve a further knowledge of what customers need and have targeted to handle these requirements with your portfolio of JCB rugged mobile phones.” The research unmasked that the quarter people depend on guidance from buddies, household and co-workers whilst the greatest influence on mobile telephone purchase, closely accompanied by web queries (21-week) and evaluation web sites.

JCB telephones have longer than-average battery existence, are water-resistant, resistant to dirt, shock-proof to at the very least 1.8m with scratchproof and strengthened glass and wet-finger tracking.