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The New Apple iOS7 Software Package Heading For Great Success

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 14:51 BST

One of the most eagerly awaited smartphone launches of the year is the new iPhone 5S and alongside this new phone we will see the release of iOS7, Apple's latest version of their popular operating system.  Early indications are that this new software package is destined to be the most popular that Apple have ever released.

Prior to any of their software packages going on general release Apple tend to circulate a Beta version of the software designed to enable developers to produce software for the platform.  The Beta version of iOS7 is widely available and download number have been analysed and published by a company named Oneswipe.  According to their findings iOS7 is the most popular version of Apple's platform ever released and currently accounts for 0.46 per cent of all compatible devices.  Despite this number sounding quite small it is actually very large when you consider over half a billion compatible iPad's and iPhone's are currently being used.  This years version is proving far more popular than iOS6 in 2012 where the Beta version accounted for 0.25 per cent of all handsets three weeks after released.  Consumers with no access to the Beta version will have to wait until September to see the software alongside the new iPhone 5S handset.

  Perhaps a major reason behind the early success of the Beta version of iOS7 is how easily accessible the new software actually is.  Anybody who has been registered as a developer with APple can download the software.  This may seem a bit far fetched but for £99 anybody can register and does not need to develop any software at all.  At the moment stage 2 of the Beta package has been released which includes support for iPad tablets as well as iPhones.  Stage one only catered for iPhone devices.  The new platform represents the biggest overhaul since the operating system has ever had since it was first introduced in 2007.  This has been overseen by designer Sir Jony Ive and consumers can look forward to an exciting new interface along with a number of new features.  No exact release dates have been given yet but we expect the service to launch within days of the release of the new iPhone 5S.  Take a look at fantastic AppleiPhone 5S deals.  

The iPhone 5S may be currently grabbing most of the headlines but the new release that many Apple consumers are looking forward to is the super new iOS7 operating system.