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The New HTC One Mini Could Arrive In July

News   •   Jun 09, 2013 12:31 BST

The HTC One was released earlier in the year as the company's flagship device. The model was produced to take on rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sales result for the handset have been very impressive so far and recent reports suggest that we are likely to see a miniature version launched by the manufacturer. The task that is set for the new miniature HTC One is to compete with another Samsung device in the form of the new Galaxy S4 Mini.

This week we have seen new news reports stating that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have a brand new device which is currently in the production stages and will be released this July. The new HTC One Mini is the device in question which is currently being referred to as codename HTC M4. One of HTC's biggest rivals will also be launching a new device that coincides with the arrival of the new HTC One Mini. Samsung confirmed earlier this week that we would see their new Galaxy S4 Mini arrive shortly and it seems that the new HTC One Mini will give the device a run for its money. The specification that is offered by the One Mini is very similar to that on board the S4 Mini. Both new models will sport a 4.3 inch display which will offer 720P HD resolution. There will be a dual core processor that will be accompanied by a large 2GB of RAM and other impressive specification that includes the superb Adreno 305 graphics processing unit. More on the exciting new device here

Ever since the device was first released, the HTC One has been a huge hit with consumers. Over 5 million units were sold in the first few months which is why Samsung are keen to release a a smaller, cheaper phone on the back of this success. As with most reports surrounding the launch of a new phone, to date this is just speculation as there has been no official confirmation from HTC. Digitime provided us with these latest speculations and the Tech site have been known to get give incorrect information in the past which is slightly concerning. The HTC One Mini seems to be a feasible option for the company however and we would expect such a device to bring with it great success. The device would offer consumers the same great build that the HTC One currently offers, but in a more pocketable size and with a smaller price tag.  If you prefer the larger HTC device check this out

As we hear more about the HTC One Mini, we will be sure to let you know the details. We expect such a device to be extremely popular much like its bigger brother.