The New HTC One X Available Now

News   •   Mar 16, 2012 09:00 GMT

HTC has always been known for its stunning design and now its phones back up style with function, thanks to the new HTC One X. In a multi-pronged bid to capture large portions of the smartphone market, the new One X joins the One S and the soon to be One V. The HTC One X is the top of the range model with the S being mid-range, but still packing an almighty punch. The V will be at the cheaper end of the scale but will still be beautifully-designed, functional and affordable.

The HTC One X will sport the latest Android operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich. This is the 4.0 version and will run in a similar fashion to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is already being hailed as a serious contender for the best smartphone out there right now. The whole experience for the user from the new OS is that it gives a faster, smoothly and more fluid experience from switching between screens, apps and programs. Although the new OS is faster and draws huge amounts of power, the battery life management has been configured to actually run longer due to the way the OS works.

Where HTC believe they can dominate the mobile phone market from now is by shunning dual core processors which many smartphones still haven’t even got in favour of the quad-core processor. This is the first ever smartphone to integrate a technology that is only really seen in top-of-the-range laptops. This means that it essentially can split the working power between four cores so it can handle multiple tasks at any one time and brings with it speed and versatility. Any qualms you have about smartphones being slow, stuttering or lazy in their working speeds will be completely demolished by the quad-core technology in the HTC One X.

That’s not all, there is a dedicated imaging chip assigned to only deal with the camera side of the phone. This means that videos and pictures are lightning quick and you can even take a picture while you’re videoing! The cameras on the HTC One are the same for the X and S versions, but the difference comes from the hardware and the dimensions of the phone itself. The X, for example, boasts an HD touch-screen display which is 4.8” in size and is a little thicker at 8.9mm and is larger compared to the S version which could be considered as a ‘lite’ version.

Whether you decide to choose the HTC One X or the S, you can choose the handsets in either black or white, with the S having a special edition in metallic blue coming soon. Depending on the mobile phone contract you choose, you can decide against paying a little more per month and receiving the phone for free or paying less but purchasing the handset outright. One thing is for sure when you choose an HTC One is you’re buying one of the smartest smartphones available on the market!