The New iOS 7 Beta Update: iPhone 5 vs. 4S

News   •   Jul 11, 2013 13:00 BST

When Apple released the next update to its iOS operating system, it created excitement to lots of users because of the changes it will give their mobile. While waiting for the iOS 7 release, this time the iPhone 5 vs, 4S and iPhone 4 are running the new beta update.

The iPhone 5 that runs with the iOS 7 will bring new and great features on this handset with the latest beta release which includes Voice memos application. The Voice Memos allows you to easily send recorded messages to your friends via email or message. Siri, has a new male and female voice that can be changed via its settings with options in the improved application. Its control centre at the bottom features a new icon for the clock and its weather application allows you to add more cities all over the world.

Its iMessage (group chat) features an avatar and enables the user to check the time and lock the screen quickly than the previous beta version of the iOS7. Its facetime application has a transparent look. The iCloud setting has an option at the bottom allowing you to find your iPhone remotely; lots of new wallpapers have been added  in another page enabling its users to multitask quickly but these features are hardware specific like the Siri though the Safari browser features some nice and quick short cuts when it is opened for the first time and when compared to the iPhone 4 it loads fast on the handset.

For both the iPhone 5 and 4S, the camera application’s panorama mode has been updated making it easy to use but remember, this software still uses the beta so this will bring some minor hassles. You can watch the videos in the internet and let other readers know new features of the iOS 7 are you excited to use. 

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