The New iPhone 6 Camera Spec Is a Shock!

News   •   Apr 29, 2013 10:57 BST

With the growing generation of Apple units such as the iPhone, there is lots of stuff to look forward to when it comes to their upcoming models because they should exceed what the user wants in a smartphone in order for it to be a hit in the market as well as increase their sales. And now, there are rumours about the iPhone 6 in terms of its camera because there will be a lot of awesome features such as colour balance, colour correction and maybe even 3D display will be incorporated with the device which is really something to talk about.

There are four patents regarding these features and they are something to look forward to in this smartphone. And because they are still rumours, you have to wait for the official features of this phone in order to really understand what these patents really mean. But rumours include the 12-megapixel camera which will be really good in taking photos, 3D resolution in both photo and video and even HDR and low-light shooting. Overall, this phone is a great substitute to those costly cameras that are around the market.

But for some, the camera is not the important part of a smartphone. They said that Apple must focus on battery life which is a big problem in their previous models, a better physical appearance, and of course, they must put into waste the issue of making the screen larger again for it will make the unit uncomfortable in the hands of the users. They have to be wise enough to make decisions as to what adjustments they should make in order for their upcoming models to be a hit in the market as well as in the eyes of the users worldwide. 

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