The New S4 Zoom Introduced by Samsung SOS Island Contestants

News   •   Aug 17, 2013 07:00 BST

Samsung has just released its S4 Zoom camera phone. Instead of opting for the traditional commercial barrage on TV or a glamorous launch event in key areas, Samsung has decided to promote its latest product using a different approach: by marooning game contestants on a desert island. This exciting event is called SOS Island, where the contestants only have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on hand.

Samsung SOS has been promoted online with its 2-minute video on YouTube. The reel shows a castaway on the island coming across a bottle floating on the waves. It so happens that inside the bottle is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone. Upon turning on the gadget, the castaway is greeted by a message from Les Stroud, a survival expert in search of 16 contestants to join the SOS Island.

In the competition, the 16 contestants will be brought to Puerto Rico for survival training. From that training, the group will be narrowed to eight finalists who will be left on the desert island. They will stay there for two weeks and engage in different challenges. The coverage will be streamed live for viewers to watch and decide to who to vote for as their top castaway. The castaway who emerges victorious from the contest will receive $100,000.

For more information and maybe the chance at joining the contest, you can visit Samsung’s SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest video to know the specifics. As for the role of the gadget itself, we predict that this show will engage the contestants in finding creative ways of using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Expect to see the gadget playing a more prominent role in the challenges that the contestants need to fulfill throughout the show. 

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