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The New Samsung Galaxy S3-Great Telephony And Message Options On This Model

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 12:49 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most advanced smartphones on the planet thanks to some amazing specification and great features. At its heart however this device is a mobile phone designed to make calls and send messages. With this in mind we explore the telephony and messaging aspects of this great new model.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 features the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system. This software offers numerous improvements over previous versions but one area where there are not many changes present is the phone book. This feature remains as simple and easy to use as it was on earlier versions of the software. When accessing this feature user are presented with a simple interface showing four clear tabs at the top of the display. These tabs are Groups, Contacts, Favourites and Phone. The Contacts option is likely to be the most frequently used as from here you cannot only instigate calls but also send messages. Simple left or right swipe gestures on the screen allow you to perform either of these options. By clicking on a contacts photo a host of other options are available including the ability to send an e mail to the person and edit their details. A feature we love about the phone book on this model is the new Reject List. If you have any numbers that you do not wish to contact you simply place them on this list and incoming calls and messages from them will be barred. In terms of call quality on the phone we were very impressed. Voices on the other end were very clear and we experienced minimal dropped calls after extensive use.

Many people use messaging features more than actual calls and it is pleasing that the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers simple messaging. The large 4.8 inch screen helps to make composing a message a very easy task and users can view messages in a conversation thread which shows entire conversations full of message rather than just the last message received. Just like the contacts list if you are viewing a thread a left or right swipe on the display will allow a new text to be sent or a call to be made to this person. With many people having dozens of friends they often message you may find your desired contact is way down the list of conversations so a simple search option allows you to type their name and go directly to their messages. Alternatively by composing a new message you can quickly select the desired contact.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very advanced phone but it is pleasing to see that more basic features have not been forgotten amidst all of the new options available. the phone offers a simple Contacts List that holds a wealth of information and the conversation threads for messaging are easy to manage and compose new messages from.

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