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The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Now Available For UK Pre Order

News   •   Jun 30, 2013 17:31 BST

As was predicted prior to its release the Samsung Galaxy S4 has quickly established itself as the best selling smartphone of 2013 and sold a massive 10 million devices within its first four weeks of release.  Samsung are working hard to expand the S4 brand and several new models are set to be released soon including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.  In the UK two leading retailers have now begun to register pre orders from consumers for this eagerly anticipated new device.

  Earlier in the month Samsung confirmed the existence of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini handset but have yet to confirm the official UK release date for the phone.  Numerous speculation however is suggesting that the model will hit shelves in July and now one UK online retailer has jumped the gun and begun to take pre orders for the phone.  The retailer in question is Clove and they are enabling consumers to put their names down for a SIM free handset.  These devices are sold without an attached airtime contract allowing consumers to use a SIM card from the network provider of their choice.  The handset will sell for £390 and Clove have said that they are expecting stock during July as have Phones 4 U and network providers EE and Three.

  It has now emerged that a second UK retailer have followed Cloves lead and also begun the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pre order process.  The Carphone Warehouse are a leading high street retailer and they have begun registering interest on models from all major network providers as part of a 24 month contract only.  The downside to this is that the contracts a quite a long length but the upshot is that they start from £27 per month and that includes a free S4 Mini device.  The new S4 Mini is set to be a popular model thanks to attractive price.  Samsung have reached this lower price point thanks to not only the device being smaller but also offering a slightly lower specification than the original S4 model.  This includes a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display rather than a 5 inch affair and a dual core processor rather than a quad core chip.

  Samsung will be hoping that the new Galaxy S4 Mini will emulate some of the success that the original phone has achieved and now UK consumers can ensure that they are first in line for this model at two of the leading retailers in the country.