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The Nokia Lumia 900 And The Samsung Galaxy S3-A Comparison Of Chipsets

News   •   May 19, 2012 18:00 BST

We put the Windows and Android mobile operating systems head to head by taking a look at the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, the two leading devices on the respective platforms. Previously we took a look at how the models compared for styling and screen quality. We found that the Nokia impressed us more in terms of design while the Samsung held the upper hand for screen performance. We now see what the handsets offer in terms of processing power and camera features.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first quad core mobile device to be released by the manufacturer. The model runs on the fourth generation of Exynos chipset which includes an ARM COrtex processor clocked at 1.4Ghz. A Mali 400MP graphics processing unit is also included as part of this chipset. This set up is certainly one of the fastest that we have ever tried on an Android device. We found it faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset which is used to run numerous other Android devices. The quad cores present on this phone are really beneficial when it comes to multi tasking features. The Nokia Lumia 900 uses the same chipset as its sister model the Lumia 800. This architecture includes a single core 1.4Ghz APQ8055 Snapdragon Scorpion processor chip and an Adreno 205 graphics processing unit. Although the chips speed is the same on this phone and the Galaxy S3 the quad cores featured on the Samsung do mean that the device is better at handling multiple tasks at the same time. This does not pose much of a problem for the Lumia 900 however as the Windows operating system does not offer true multi tasking. The platform puts background applications into hibernation which means that the single core chips can still deliver exceptional speeds. The Samsung offers the the very latest technology in this department but in practice both phones perform superbly.

The Nokia Lumia 900features an excellent camera package capable of capturing still photographs and video footage. For still images the phone can capture images at 8 mega pixel resolution while video is recorded at 720P HD resolution. The still camera benefits from a high quality Carl Zeiss lens which is regarded as one of the leading type of lenses on the market. Image quality is superb and a number of additional features are present to help consumers capture the best possible photos. A dual LED flash is great for dark conditions while the video stabilisation mode is great for producing smooth and easily viewable footage. The Samsung Galaxy S3 upstages its rival for camera features. The model boasts a 12 mega pixel still camera which is 50 per cent more resolution than the Nokia. Video footage is also a higher quality at 1080P standard. The Samsung offers most of the additional features that are present on the Nokia and also a few more that not many phones sport. These include the ability to record video and capture a photo at the same time and a clever burst mode which records 3 images per second.

There is no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are two leading smartphones. When it comes to processing power and camera features the Samsung holds the upper hand although both model do impress in both of these areas.

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