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The Nokia Lumia 925-Vodafone Kick Off Pre Orders For This Attractive New Windows Phone

News   •   Jun 10, 2013 10:38 BST

The excellent Lumia range of Windows phones has brought Nokia great success. The most popular of the range is the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 and it appears that we will soon see a new version of this handset which boasts a attractive design. We will see the Nokia Lumia 925 arrive soon and Vodafone have now announced that they have begun to take pre orders on an exclusive version of this model.

  It was officially announced a couple of weeks ago that we would soon see the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 925. Shortly after this announcement, Vodafone revealed that they would have exclusivity on a 32GB version of the device. The pre order process has begun for the network provider as this new model is expected to be extremely popular with consumers. Packages seem very attractive in terms of pricing with consumers able to get their hand on the device for £34 per month. This price is subject to a 24 month contract, but the user will receive 2GB of data allowance as well as unlimited calls and texts. Vodafone's 4G network is expected to be established later this year and Vodafone have released a statement about the new model, part of which reads"The Nokia Lumia 925 adds to Vodafone’s range of ‘4G-ready’ phones. Getting one of our 4G-ready phones means a customer will be good to go as soon as Vodafone 4G arrives, bringing them ultra-fast internet and the best mobile video they’ve ever had from us".  Read Lumia Windows Phone press releases here

  A number of network providers will offer the 16GB version of the Nokia Lumia 925 including Three who have also begun the pre order process after announcing two great deals for the model. Three are offering the handset on both the Ultimate Internet 500 plan and The One plan which are priced around the same as what Vodafone are offering at £35 and £37 per month. A 4G network is in the process of being set up by Three also and is expected to be complete later in the year. The new Nokia Lumia 925 offers some impressive specification which is similar to that offered by the Nokia Lumia 920, but the design of the model is much more stylish. The 920 received some criticism for being too bulky which has now been addressed by Nokia by introducing a new slim design with a metallic, premium build.  4G Lumia925 options here

  The new Nokia Lumia 925 has been announced and the pre order process is well underway and for consumers that would like a larger storage capacity can head to Vodafone to check out their offers.