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The Popular Apple iPhone 4S Has An Intuitive Phone App

News   •   Jul 21, 2012 00:12 BST

Smartphones like the Apple iPhone 4S are now capable of performing a vast array of different tasks, ranging from internet browsing, taking photos and videos and various multimedia tasks like watching movies and playing games.  However, these devices are still mobile phones, and making and receiving phone calls is still one of the most common uses.  In this article I will take a closer look at the phone interface of the Apple iPhone 4S.


The Apple iPhone 4S has a very intuitive and easy to use phone interface, as the phone app is a native app of iOS, which is Apple's smartphone and tablet operating system.  At the bottom of the phone interface, you will notice five shortcut tabs which take you to various parts of the phone app.


The first one displays your favourite contacts, which are the ones which you most commonly call.  From here, you can instantly call any of them by tapping the appropriate contact.


The second shortcut displays your recent call history, again allowing you to call any of these contacts with a single tap. This saves you from having to search through your entire contacts list to find the contact you want to call.


Your entire contacts list is the third shortcut at the bottom of the phone interface.  This displays all of your contacts in alphabetical order, and you can either scroll through this to find the contact you are looking for, or you can jump to a specific letter in the alphabet which is displayed down the right hand side.  When you have found the contact you are looking for simply tap it and all of that person's contact information will be displayed including email addresses, social networking profile shortcuts and of course phone numbers, several of which can be stored allowing for mobile, home and work phone numbers etc.


The keypad is the fourth shortcut, and this is where you can manually enter phone numbers which are not saved to your contacts list.  The number keys are large and therefore easy to use.  When you have typed in a number, you can then save it to your contacts list.


The final shortcut takes you to the voicemail service, where you can listen to any saved voicemail messages you have, or listen to new ones which you have received while you have had your phone turned off or missed calls.


As you can see, the phone interface of the iPhone 4S is very easy to use, and thanks to the shortcut tabs at the bottom of its interface, makes it easy to find the part of the phone app you require.


Of course, the iPhone 4S has plenty of other impressive features which contribute to making it one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but when it comes to making phone calls, it is as easy to use as smartphones come.

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