The Return of Tamagotchi

News   •   Feb 25, 2013 07:00 GMT

If you ask kids from the 90's what the most pleasant memory of their childhood is, a number would surely say the cool toys they got to play with-- one of them, the Tamagotchi. The Tamagotchi was created in Japan, and is a small, digital handheld pet attached to a keychain, which you can take care of with the help of three buttons. In order for the pet to survive, you must feed, play and take good care of it like any real- life pet. The Tamagotchi hype has died down as the years passed, but fond memories of it will always linger in the minds of many people-- this is the reason why Tamagotchi has collaborated with Android to celebrate its sixteenth birthday, by releasing a Tamagotchi app. 

This application can now be easily accessed by Android users, while iOs users still have to wait for its release. This Android application is Tamagotchi's first ever application, which is why it is made extra special for Android users. The first Tomagotchi was known to be available only in black and white, but this Android app now lets people enjoy playing with the Tomagotchi in colour. New characters and a higher resolution have also been added to add to the experience of playing Tomagotchi on a handheld device. Users who have downloaded this application  will also have access to Tamagotchi signature wallpapers, and will even get to share their Tamagotchi virtual pets in their personal Facebook page.

Considering the simplicity of the Tamagotchi application, it is now being wondered why its hardware is not supported by some Android hardware.As of the moment, Android has released a short list of the hardware that is compatible with this application. The app has been said to be compatible with certain colours of the original Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S3. Some Nexus devices also allow this application to be easily accessed. In order to see if your device is compatible to run this application, you can check and download it in Google Play. Hopefully, everyone in the near future, may they be Android or iOS users, can gain access to this application and relive the the happy moment of their childhood days.

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