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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus includes mobile payments

News   •   May 07, 2012 10:48 BST

Pay with your phone on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which comes with the Google Wallet application preloaded and allows you to simply tap your device at the point of sale in order to pay for goods. This remarkable handset which is a venture between Google and its maker Samsung respectively also offers many other unique features. The handset was the first to be launched with the new and latest Android 4.0 operating system code named Ice Cream Sandwich which provides a completely reworked user interface and intuitive experience through 3D imagery and a less cluttered home screen. The device itself offers a curved design within a sleek unibody and the new OS also enables it to be a keyless phone. Everything you need is powered by the operating system as and when you need it, so no more physical keys at all. The dual core processor meanwhile ensures that everything runs faster on this phone, including email and other communication as well as web browsing and more. The HSPA+ meanwhile delivers extremely fast data speeds that are up to three times faster than previously used HSDPA networks respectively. Among the new features also brought to you on the Galaxy Nexus are the Google Wallet application which in time will be an extremely useful tool in allowing you to instantly make payments using your phone instead of needing cash or even a card. Other new applications also included and preinstalled on this device include Face Unlock which enables you to unlock your display and handset using face recognition with the 1.3 megapixel front facing camera removing the need for you to remember codes or passwords. Google + Hangout meanwhile lets you use the new Google + (plus) social network brought to the World by the search engine company last year. This allows you to place different friends and family into social circles and share information and media with them instantly via your phone. Of course being an Android handset you can still enjoy other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter each with their own respective and dedicated applications also. Meanwhile, unlike other handsets available such as Samsung Galaxy S2 contracts, this phone comes with a specific group of partner networks to choose from. The stunning design and high speed performance offered by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus features allow you to do everything faster. It provides a large display along ti two great cameras while also including exciting new preloaded apps.